Huge Cartel Bust: Trump Administration Captures Nearly 100 MS-13 Gang Members

Excellent news coming out of Long Island indicates that a historic MS-13 bust has led to the capture and arrest of almost 100 members of the notoriously violent and vile South American gang. MS-13 have been making headlines for several years, and they are known for the brutality and ruthlessness with which they kill those who cross them. The phenomenon of South American cartels taking over poorer areas in the United States has been largely unabated for several years, but now thanks to increased pressure and renewed focus we see one of the greatest victories over the cartels in years.

New York District Attorney Timothy Sini described the bust as the the single largest crackdown on a gang organization in the entirety of New York state history. The members arrested are charged with many heinous acts ranging from murder to drug trafficking and weapons possession. In addition to arresting these dangerous criminals, authorities seized large amounts of illicit and controlled substances including 10 kilograms of cocaine, 1000 fentanyl pills (the opioid responsible for recent wave of addiction panic), illegal firearms, and $200,000 in cash.

This news comes in the wake of President Trump announcing his position to treat cartels as terrorist organizations. It seems that once the President of the United States starts taking these criminals seriously that we will have success in taking them down.


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