Look Inside “Horrendous” Border Facility That Comes With X-Box

Fox News got an exclusive look into a border detention center. Their video shows a facility that is a stark contrast to their horrid descriptions given by Dem. candidates and the leftist media.

The detention center Fox news was allowed to film in, was one run by the GEO Group, a privately-contracted company.

The video showed a law library, round the clock health and mental care, as well as an outdoor soccer field.

During the tour, it was shown that detainees had dental care, mental health care, as well as primary health care. They had access to unlimited phone calls and legal advice. They were allowed physical contact visitations, and the facility provided religious services as well as outdoor recreation.

The detainees were not locked in or restricted in any way, and even had access to an X-box.

This was the same facility visited by California Democratic lawmakers that claimed it did not provide basic needs for their detainees.

Acting director of ICE’s Los Angeles field office, Thomas Giles, led the tour and wanted people to know that the detainees were safe. “I want people to know that when these individuals are detained here we’re giving them the care and custody that they need. We’re going to do everything we can to keep the individuals safe while they’re detained here,” he said.

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