MS-13 Gang Members Suspected In Brutal Slayings Finally Charged.

There was a spree of murders committed by MS-13 gang members, and almost all the members of a group were charged in the slaying of seven people. All these members were in the United States illegally.

The Los Angeles U.S. Attorney’s Offices charged 22 members that were linked to the gang called the Fulton clique. Over nine years, this gang was suspected in almost 200 different crimes spanning several states.

According to U.S. Attorney Nick Hanna, this group was one of the, “most violent arm of MS-13 in Los Angeles.”

Nineteen of the twenty-two defendants have entered the country illegally. The suspects were typically located in the San Fernando Valley, an area that has recently had an influx of young immigrants who came in from Central America.

MS-13 members are forced to kill people by older gang members. The brutality is some of the worst law enforcement has ever seen. Many slayings have been carried out by machete, bats or knives according to a federal indictment.

One brutal slaying happened to a rival gang member who was accused of defacing MS-13 graffiti and had his heart removed from his chest.

Sixteen of the defendants charged have been connected to six slayings which are being called so “heinous, cruel or depraved” that they are now eligible for the death penalty.

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