illegal immigrants in line
New Law allows Illegal Immigrants to Get Driver's Licenses


New York to Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

Thanks to a shocking new law which has been passed in the state of New York, the 80,000 illegal immigrants in the state will be able to obtain a valid, legal New York State driver’s license. The change will go into effect as soon as this Saturday; this shocking new legislation will actually make New York the 13th state in the country that is giving legal driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

The measure was referred to as the Green Light Law and was introduced by democratic state senator, Luis R. Sepulveda, and it was passed by the state’s senate earlier this year. Under this supposed Green Light Law illegal immigrants will have full access to normal driver’s licenses. Considering the tremendous rate of illegal immigrant crime, including numerous fatal traffic accidents, one can only imagine what kind of disastrous effects a law such as this will have.

What do you think Patriots? Should illegal immigrants be allowed to have legal driver’s licenses?

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