President Trump and Mexican President

President Trump: Cartels are Officially Terrorist Organizations

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Just last November we were met with the awful news of 9 American citizens, including 6 children, being brutally gunned down in Mexico by one of the country’s notorious drug cartels. This is just one example of the tremendous level of violence that these criminal syndicates cause in Mexico and at the United States border. Despite the huge threat to American lives, our politicians seem to all look the other way when it comes to cartel violence; in fact it seems that our government has historically been more likely to aid cartels than to stop them from doing as they please. It appears that this is going to change now; President Trump has announced his intention to officially designate the Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

If successful, the new classification will give the United States more power in the way it prosecutes cartel members, and the level of jurisdiction it will have in providing military or other tactical support to combat the cartels. Considering that the democrats have opposed the president at every turn to his border wall, this new designation is the best back up solution that the president could offer. Until the wall is built and the violence spilling over the border can be contained, we will have to hope that the president and brave American military personnel can combat the cartels as the terrorists they are.

What do you think Patriots? Should we leave our border open and undefended for Foreign Terrorist Organizations to spill in? Should we Make America Pray Again? Get your #MAPA hats now!


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