(Video) Canada Removes President Trump From Home Alone 2

Home Alone 2 is somewhat of a Christmas tradition as far as major motion pictures go. For many years people have enjoyed watching this film with their families on Christmas day. One little tidbit of trivia for this film is the fact that it had a small cameo appearance by none other than our current President and Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump. The scene takes place in the Plaza Hotel, which President Trump graciously gave the studio access to for filming; in exchange he only requested to have a cameo role in the film.

Actor Matt Damon gave some insight into the cameo back in 2017 stating that the cameo scene was indeed the only compensation that President Trump wanted in exchange for using the hotel and its facilities. This scene is pretty famous as far as celebrity cameos go, and it is a nice bit of fourth wall breaking for the audience to see.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Canadian Broadcast Company has its own ideas about the famous cameo as they have reportedly removed all instances of President Trump’s appearance from the movie for their 2019 Christmas broadcast. The official reason? “As is often the case with features adapted for television, Home Alone 2 was edited to allow for commercial time within the format,” CBC commented. However, considering the extremely brief length of the scene it is somewhat doubtful that editing out the President’s appearance did a very good job at trimming down the runtime.

The classic scene can be seen in its entirety below:


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