New Illinois Gun Law Protects No One

The Governor of Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed new legislation that is now giving the state more power over Illinois firearms dealers. The new bill was signed under the guise of of stop gun violence but many pro-gun groups are now pushing back.

The new legislation requires that gun stores get state-sanctioned certifications. Despite the push back from the rifle association and the public, Pritzker stated

“Just because we’re signing this today doesn’t mean there isn’t more to do, but this particular bill is very important.”

Pritzker also stated his goals to ban bump stocks and trigger cranks within a year.

The new legislation bans gun retailers from selling guns before being ceritified by the state. To become certified stores need to be licensed by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Once they get licensed, they would have to show a copy to the Illinois State Police along with proof that the license is valid.

Shop owners are also being required to install surveillance equipment, require employees to undergo annual training, as well as create an electronic inventory.

The certification would cost gun shop owners up to $1,500. Those who do not have a retail location will be charged $300.

A similar bill was vetoed by the previous mayor for being, “duplicative” because the federal government is already in charge of licensing firearms retailers.

Executive Director for the Illinois State Rifle Association, Richard Pearson, argues that the new legislation does nothing for gun-violence and only creates a “bureaucratic nightmare for gun dealers.” Pearson also revealed that the group plans to fight the law in court.

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