(VIDEO) Liberal PSA Encourages Children to Steal Family Guns and Turn them In to Government

In a public service announcement so bizarre and nonsensical that one would think it was parody or satire, Sleeper 13 Productions has created a video which depicts a young boy stealing his parents’ handgun, placing it in his school bag, and turning it in to his teacher’s desk. The boy in the video says that he does not feel safe with a gun in his home, which is somehow supposed to excuse the litany of crimes committed along the way so that he could have brought the handgun to his teacher in the first place.

Strong words from Alan Gottlieb from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Bear Arms put into perspective how absurd the entire video is:

“The series of crimes depicted in this video is simply astonishing. We’re talking about felony theft of a firearm, illegal possession of a handgun by a minor, having a gun in a school, illegal concealed carry by a minor, brandishing and maybe one or two other crimes, depending upon the jurisdiction.
The fact that the gun appears to be a very real-looking BB pistol is not the point. The scenario obviously depicts what some youngster should do with a real handgun. Besides, even bringing a BB gun to school is against the law, and at the very least, the boy in this video would wind up being arrested and face felony charges.”

What do you think patriots? Are you ok with Democrats teaching your kids to steal your guns?


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