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With 2nd Ammendment Underfire, Virginia Counties Declare Gun Sanctuaries

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Democrats have been pushing for the banning of weapons throughout the United States; this is nothing new to American citizens, but the rhetoric has become far more severe in the last few years. Amidst increasing pressure to cow tow to the liberals, many state and local governmental agencies are beginning to infringe on our second ammendment right to bear arms. Thankfully, some uplifting news is coming out of Virginia as new reports are showing that over 90 declarations of second ammendment sanctuaries have been made in Virginia in numerous counties all over the state.

Local government officials that were present for the sessions in which these votes took place were able to report that the venues were so filled with Virginia citizens that there was only standing room. Despite our constitution guaranteeing sovereignty to the states, the federal government is already beginning to threaten these counties suggesting that any county that does not abide by the federal standards for gun control will receive punishment.

What do you think Patriots? Should we stand with our brothers and sisters in Virginia, or should we let the federal government come in and take all of our guns? Maybe it’s time we Make America Pray Again! Get your #MAPA hats now!


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