Democrat Hypocrisy: Bill Clinton Also Launched Air Strike During Impeachment

There have been more than a few parallels between the impeachment of President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton, and this trend seems to continue as the recent drone strike by President Trump against Iranian forces mirrors Bill Clinton’s own decision to launch not one but two airstrikes against Iraq during his own impeachment inquiry. This fact seems to be largely ignored by the Democrats who seem to be disagreeing with the President’s decision to strike against Iranian targets.

This is another symptom of Democratic hypocrisy where anything seems to be acceptable as long as President Trump is not the one doing it. The 1998 airstrikes by Bill Clinton were not highly publicized nor highly criticized, but as seems to be the norm for President Donald Trump every action he takes is examined under the proverbial microscope.

Women that Accused Trump of Sexual Harrassment Paid for by Soros and Clintons?

Shocking new evidence has been uncovered regarding the origins of several women that took to the limelight around the time of President Trump’s election to level heavy allegations of sexual misconduct and impropriety against the president. According to political analyst John Solomon, he has uncovered documentation which shows that pay outs were made to a lawyer named Lisa Bloom as a liason to the women that came forward against the president.

Bloom already has a history of taking down right-wing conservatives through sexual harrassment allegations; she was one of the key players in getting Bill O’Reiley removed from Fox News. Hypocritically, she also served as an advisor to Harvey Weinstein during his own sexual abuse scandal.

Solomon alleges that the payments to Bloom are tied to assets and accounts associated with George Soros and the Clinton family. It seems that the liberal engine will stoop to new lows in order to take out President Trump.


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