Giuliani Vilified by Media; Stands up to Soros

Rudy Giuliani, once mayor of New York City and current lawyer for President Donald Trump, has been making waves lately by doing his utmost to decry the conspiracies unfolding before him in the Democratic party. Naturally, the liberal media has taken fire at him, and Giuliani has found himself embroiled in great controversy.

Despite harsh criticism, Giuliani will not allow himself to be silenced, and he has put his foot down against the liberal media as they try to smear his name and discredit his findings. In an interview with New York Magazine where Giuliani was accused of being anti-semitic, the former mayor sounded off on the liberal media and its puppeteer, George

The tone of the interview is clearly bias and has no interest in trying to understand any of the talking points or evidence that Giuliani has uncovered in the last months about Democratic corruption in their Ukraine involvement. Instead, all the liberal news outlets are focusing on a single remark from the interview (which appears to be heavily edited to not include any actual information about Giuliani’s work for President Trump) wherein Giuliani calls himself more of a jew than Soros.

Certainly an American hero like Rudy Giuliani should be held in higher esteem than Billionaire fat cats like George Soros, but for the liberal media it seems that it is all about following wherever the money leads.


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