Pelosi Taunts Trump: Demands State of the Union after Iowa Caucus

Seemingly unsatisfied with getting away with impeaching our nation’s President, Donald Trump, House Speaker and Swamp Mistress of the Year, Nancy Pelosi, has continued her showboating and grandstanding in this latest maneuver. In a letter ostensibly intended for President Donald Trump but curiously available for the entire American public to see, Pelosi has ‘invited’ President Trump to give his State of the Union Address on February 4, 2020.

The words on the page are practically dripping with sarcasm as Pelosi mentions that she is constitutionally obligated to receive this traditional report from the President every year. “In the spirit of respecting our Constitution,” the letter reads, “I invite you to deliver your State of the Union address before a Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.” This date is no arbitrary choice as this is the day after the Iowa caucus which is itself a symbol of the beginning of the Democrats’ bid for presidency.


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