Religious Rights for Americans!

America is known World-wide to be a nation with equality and freedom, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion!

In recent years that freedom has begun to dwindle, with Christian’s persecuted for their religious views. From hosting church activities in public places, flying the Christian flag off church grounds, or now even saying the pledge of allegiance and prayers at school and other public events.

Right now a battle is underway, at a Washington State community center, over prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Where military veterans were told to leave the property, and elderly patriots told to recite the pledge inside a closet. After 20 years of the flag in the building, it was taken down and put in the closet. One senior citizen received a trespass notice after deliberately walking through the doors of the community center carrying his flag. A staff member walked up to the man and stated, -“This is your warning. If you try to say the pledge, you will be escorted off the property by the sheriff.”

In Pennsylvania, The Montoursville Area School District is under attack after members and coaches of the high school baseball team removed their caps, kneeled in a circle, and prayed. They are allegedly violating the constitutional principle of separation between church and state. It is affirmative that U.S. Supreme Court refers to prayer in schools as a violation of the First Amendment.

Meanwhile, In Michigan, the student group called Intervarsity Christian Fellowship has sued Wayne State University, for being targeted on their religious beliefs. The organization has been on campus for 75 years but now kicked off due to the requirements of having Christian leaders.

However, Michael Radford, a science teacher at Davidson Middle School, gets bashed for having commented on a post that read-Shameful and embarrassing. Burn it- in regards to the first time in state history announcement of the California State Capitol flying the LGBT pride flag. The gesture was an acknowledgment of Pride Month. The issue has developed into a full-on controversy for Southgate Community Schools. California State Gov. released a comment, implying the flag is-“A clear message that California is both welcoming and inclusive to all, regardless of how you identify or who you love.”

How can it be that America has come to this? The extreme discrimination on American Christian beliefs continues to grow immensely, calling it an all-time high issue that needs rectifying. It’s especially troubling knowing the people representing our country are indeed opposed to taking a stand against this discrimination. Why are the laws so contradicting now?
We are discussing a subject that leads back to our history and the traditional values this country is made on. It is unconstitutional to allow an LGBT flag to fly in California, but a simple prayer before school games ends in legal acts.

Ultimately, I believe this is a fight over defending traditional American values, God, and Country. I suspect the fight is far from over, that’s why freedom-loving patriots must stick together and make America great again!

It’s time for us to take a stand, and we are leading the charge. If you want to show the world how much support GOD has against these predators, click here to donate JUST $1 to our Patreon page.


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