Opinion: New Driver’s License Laws Passed to Help Illegal Immigrants Vote Democrat

In the past week we have seen the implementation of a New York state bill known as the Green Light Law which allows non-American citizens to gain full legal access to Driver’s Licenses. This bizarre trend is starting to spread; as we reported earlier today, New Jersey’s governor has now also approved legislation which will grant Driver’s Licenses to illegal immigrants.

Sometimes when we see news like this, it’s easy to think that these acts against the American people are being planned without reason or sense; afterall how could anyone think the American people would stomach laws that give more freedoms to Illegal Immigrants than American citizens. This is of course a big mistake; the democrats and their liberal agenda are always thinking several steps ahead in every bizarre decision they make.

You may recall some incidents from several years ago where the question of requiring voter ID laws came up in the mainstream press. The Democrats were of course completely against the idea of utilizing any voter ID laws because their strategy for winning elections includes bussing undocumented and incorrectly districted people to polling places to sway the election.

Since then, there has been some more consensus on requiring identification to vote and many areas now require at the least a form of government photo identification. As you can see, giving illegal immigrants unfettered access to driver’s licenses will place a legal photo ID in the hands of every illegal alien that walks into our country.

Patriots of the LORD Asserts that Democrats hatched a grand plan to document the undocumented in order to cheat themselves to victory in the 2020 United States Presidential Election.

What do you think Patriots? Are we on the mark? Are you going to let illegal aliens take your vote?


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