(Video) Dying Veteran Gets His One Wish to Make a Snow Angel in Florida

In a bittersweet story emerging from the state of Florida, Vietnam veteran and resident of the Sunshine State Albert Septien had a unique dying wish granted for him. Septien was exposed to Agent Orange during his service for the United States and developed stage four melanoma following his time around the substance. This winter, Septien revealed to his cousin that the only thing he wanted for Christmas was to be able to make a snow angel; this request is of course hard to achieve naturally in Florida where the winter months can see temperatures easily reach 80 degrees fahrenheit or more.

Joe wanted to make sure that his cousin could have a Christmas present to remember, and with a little bit of help he devised a plan to make it happen. Crews of people banded together to grind ice into eight tons of snow which were laid out in the outdoors. The scene was like a winter wonderland from a Christmas special. So moving was the sight that Septien was brought to tears; “I don’t think there are words to explain it,” Maestre said. “The look on his face, the feeling in his heart, the tears that he had. This has been the most wonderful day in the last year.”

Video of the heartwarming scene can be found below:


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