Is Planned Parenthood Coming to an end?

Thursday, The 7-4 vote for the consideration of the emergency motions, the motions for an administrative stay of the three-judge panel order has been DENIED the ruling said. The conclusion that the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals made was a long-overdue victory to pro-lifers and the White House. Ruling that the Trump administration can implement a new rule to take away tens of millions of dollars from the organization Planned Parenthood along with other abortion facilities, blocking Title X family planning funds from going to abortion facilities.

The controversy over Planned Parenthood has been going on for years, and finally, we are getting somewhere with results towards it coming to an end. Planned Parenthood performed an estimated 332,757 abortions last year alone, which equals one-third to one-half of all abortions in the United States.

“Devastating news” is how the president of Planned Parenthood Leana Wen described the ruling. Alongside with the president and CEO of Essential Access Health Julie Rabinovitz, who is of the opposing party in the appeal, called the 9th Circuit decision “a setback.” she also added that “Today’s court order completely disregards the irreparable harm the regulations pose to millions of patients.”

“While we are incredibly concerned the panel did not recognize the harm of the Trump-Pence administration’s gag rule, we will not stop fighting for the millions across the country in need for care…Planned Parenthood will keep fighting to block this dangerous rule that allows the government to censor our doctors and nurses from doing their jobs,” Wen explained.
Wen also stated earlier this year that Planned Parenthood’s core mission is to provide, protecting, and expand access to abortion and reproductive health care across the U.S.

The discussion here is the federal money for Title X, a $300 million family-planning program for birth control, cancer screenings, and STD testing. Planned Parenthood receives an estimated $60 million annually in Title X funding alone not to mention; the group receives over $500 million each year in just government grants and reimbursements most are Medicaid reimbursements. It had $1.6 billion in total profits in 2018. This rule has been put in place to ensure that no money goes toward promoting abortion or conducting abortions any longer. It also requires to have pregnant women referred to a non-abortion prenatal care provider and to encourage patients to discuss their situations with their families as well giving information to single women about the benefits of abstinence.

Pro-life groups applauded the Ninth Circuit decision.
Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, stated,”Abortion is not family planning. It’s time to stop Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities from using Title X as their private blood money fund…I commend President Trump for his commitment to protect the sanctity of human life, the rights of conscience, and religious freedom by revising the regulations for the Title X family planning program.”


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