Pray for Venezuela

Venezuelan citizens are alone, thirsty, hungry, and now in the dark.
When will the suffering end?

Last Monday, a wide-range power outage swept through 80% of the country officials are calling it an “electromagnetic attack.” Causing communications to be down and chaos in the roads of the country’s transportation systems, schools and business suspended till further notice. The Venezuelan government stated that the blackout was a result of an attack on the country’s hydroelectric system. Critics say the government led by President Maduro is to blame.

Blackouts have become a daily crisis across Venezuela as the economic downfall worsens, but one of this magnitude is rare. Back in March, Venezuela experienced three major blackouts that created a massive halt with transit in Caracas, businesses and gas stations, and interrupted operations at hospitals. Millions were left without water access for days, requiring some to travel considerable distances to collect water at rivers or streams. With hyperinflation and food and medicine shortages, more than 5 million people have recently left the country.

Earlier this year, Maduro declined to step down after winning what everyone including the United States and Brazil, called a sham election.
Despite the protest to urge the dictator to step down led by Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaidó, Maduro with the help of Russia and Cuba remains in power.

Then, and now, Maduro has blamed the blackouts on the United States claiming to have sabotaged their power plants and the electricity grid. The U.S. denied the charges and pulled all diplomatic personnel from the embassy in Caracas. Meanwhile, Guaidó and his advocates accused Maduro of mismanaging the income from the country’s extensive oil reserves and failing to maintain the public foundation.

With no resolution in sight for Venezuela’s detrimental leadership, the Trump administration is willing to offer guarantees to Nicolas Maduro, that the U.S. will leave him alone if he leaves Venezuela. A Trump administration official proposed that the U.S. would consider not indicting Maduro if he steps down from power.

Michelle Bachelet of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights wrote a report that advised the Venezuelan leader to take advantage of the offer before it is too late. The report involved human rights violations in Venezuela under Maduro, and could be used against him in the International Criminal Court.”I think Maduro perhaps is looking for an exit, but he doesn’t know what it looks like, he does not know if there are guarantees to that. I believe he still thinks that if he goes to, let’s say, the Dominican Republic, we are going to come in and indict him and go after him,” the high ranking official added. “I think that’s the concern and that’s the only thing there’s room for negotiation with Maduro.”

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