William Dannemeyer, Anti-Gay, Conservative, Religious Congressman Passes Away

Former Orange County congressman, William Dannemeyer passed away July 9th of age-related ailments.

William Dannemeyer is infamously known for fighting gay-rights most of his career as well as being a significant influence on Orange County being a right-wing county, in a left state.

Dannermeyer was known as the “Don Quixote of the Right,” and for his views on religion in conservative politics. He was essential in creating a Christian Orange County at the time. He also pushed for prayer in schools as well as being anti-tax. When he retired from Congress in 1992, he spent years of his life trying to push for bills that would require prayer in schools.

According to his son, “He had a great heart and love for people and was able to see the person that was impacted by the policy…He said some things that ruffled a lot of feathers and offended a great number of people but he did not back down from a fight.”

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