Black Supremacist, Religious Extremist Responsible for Jersey City Massacre

Police have identified the culprits of the Jersey City shooting as David Anderson and Francine Graham the former of which was a known member of black supremacist group, the Black Hebrew Israelites.

This group apart from preaching racial supremacy is also a religious extremist group as evidenced by a cryptic note with religious writing left in the vehicle that the two killers left at the scene.

Friends of the two reported that Francine Graham was corrupted by David Anderson and entered a dark state of mind through her association with him.The pair stormed a local grocery store on December 11, 2019 killing three shoppers as well as a police detective before the suspects were eventually shot and killed by law enforcement officials.

This is just another in a line of attacks on American sovereignty such as the recent Pensacola tragedy in which a Saudi national opened fire on a US Navy base killing three American soldiers in the process.

Hopefully this disturbing trend will not continue.What do you think patriots? What can be done to stop these psychos from killing our police officers and soldiers?

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