MASS SHOOTING: Man Shoots 13 at Shooting Victim Memorial in Chicago

Marciano White, a 37 year old black male is behind bars this evening in connection to a mass shooting that hospitalized 13 people at a Chicago party.

Ironically, the party was a memorial for a 22 year old man who was recently shot and killed by a concealed carry license holder during a failed carjacking.

Witnesses stated that there was a large commotion in the street as partygoers suddenly started to flee the scene.

The police saw White carrying something close to his body as he quickly left the scene, and were intrigued. When they approached him, he unsuccessfully tried to elude them. Once in custody, they were able to see that the item he was hiding was in fact a gun.

Police have yet to confirm that this gun produced the 13 shots.

Mass shootings like this happen in Chicago every single weekend but the media is only interested in white shooters.

Here is what their Democratic (awful) mayor had to say immediately following the incident:

What do you think Patriots? Is it true that the mainstream media only focuses on white shooters?


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