Obama’s White House Guest: Terrorist Leader of Iraq Embassy Attack

Disturbing news has come to light regarding the identity of one of the leaders of the Terrorist plot to attack the United States embassy in Iraq which was enacted early today. Iranian Militia Leader and terrorist Hadi al-Amiri has been confirmed to be one of the key leaders of the operation which saw the destruction of US embassy property. President Donald Trump has swiftly condemned the attack as a terrorist plot orchestrated by Iran either directly or by proxy. His response as President has been firm and fully in support of the American civilians on the ground affected by this terror plot.

President Obama, on the other hand has taken a much different approach to his treatment of these Iranian terror plotters. It has been revealed that the leader of the attack, Hadi, was invited as a guest to the White House by the Obama administration. He was at the time part of a delegation which was receieved by Obama during his time as President.

There is a stark contrast between the response by President Donald Trump and that of his cohorts, former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. While the latter abandoned their American citizens in Libya during the horrific Benghazi terror attacks, President Trump has been unwavering in his commitment to American interests in the area after today’s Terror attacks.


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