Trump Assassination Christmas Cards Distributed by Hustler Magazine

No stranger to controversy, Hustler Magazine has built a reputation of upsetting people with its media, but even a publication as degenerate as theirs can sometimes still shock with the material it produces. It has come to light that a ‘Christmas card’ created and distributed by Hustler Magazine depicts the graphic assassination of our country’s President, Donald Trump. The card features a man on the front saying, “I just shot Donald Trump on fifth avenue and no one arrested me.” Inside the card features a very graphic and disturbing image of the President lying in the street covered in blood with onlookers saying “Merry Christmas.”

The disturbing piece of media was considered so foul that even leftists found it difficult to not call out Hustler for their disgusting act. Mark Zaid, an anti-trump lawyer that is representing the alleged whistleblower in the Ukriane incident, had this to say:

“This is unacceptable, and clearly I’m no fan of this President. But this absolutely crosses the line and there should be a public apology. Something like this is not a joking matter.”

When even the leftists are saying things have gone too far, you know that something truly despicable is happening. The full card can be seen below:


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