(Video) US Embassy in Iraq Attacked by Protestors Chanting “Down, Down USA”

Shocking news is emerging today from Iraq where a crowd of violent protestors assembled to march in the United States Embassy; the disturbance comes hot on the heels of a series of air strikes in the region aimed at targeting weapons depots and other high value targets for terrorist activities in the area.

The erstwhile rioters were chanting the phrase “Down, Down USA” as they caused havoc throwing objects, smashing security cameras, and even starting a fire. Thankfully, the protestors were not heavily armed as was the case in the Benghazi incident, and they were quelled by American security forces. Some eleven people or so were said to be injured among the protestors from anti-riot efforts.

The embassy conflict comes as a direct response to US intervention in the area as well as at the tail end of a series of violent government protests in Iraq where hundreds of people have been killed or injured.

The disturbing scene can be watched on video below:


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