1.7 Million Protest in Hong Kong, Wave American Flags, and Plea for U.S. Help

A historic number of people gathered in Hong Kong to peacefully protest against the Chinese government. The people of Hong Kong have been in a protest for months, but just recently, approximately 1.7 million people surrounded the government headquarters to fight for democracy.

The Beijing government has been continually stripping away freedom from the nearly 7 million Chinese citizens who occupy there. In an effort to preserve democracy, this march was seen by many as increasingly necessary. The Chinese government has a ban on such movements, but that did not stop the demonstration from occurring.

In the months previous, police violence towards the protestors amplified significantly. Videos emerged of officers beating protestors’ heads with clubs, and shooting them with rubber bullets and tear gas. Over 700 people have been arrested since June alone with more speculated to happen.

However, despite the massive amounts of people, the most recent protest went on rather peacefully.

Hong Kong is technically part of China, but its culture and legal structure are very different from the rest of the country. In the 1800s, Hong Kong, which is an island district, was seceded by the British and became a British Colony. Under the British Crown, Hong Kong citizens were granted much more freedom and higher incomes in contrast to the rest of China.

In 1997, Britain relinquished the island territory, but was still able to secure liberties for Hong Kong, which was agreed to in the “Sino-British Joint Declaration.” This document was to be granted for 50 years.

The chief executive of Hong Kong, known as Carrie Lam, has been a forerunner in removing the freedoms. He also has stigmatized the peaceful protestors as “rioters.” The Chinese government has now gone as far as calling the protestors terrorists.

It was declared on July 9, that this freedom document was “dead” and would be withdrawn. One of the biggest triggers was the proposed extradition bill which would force accused Hong Kong residents to fail trial on the mainland. These trials are notoriously known for being corrupt. This was the last straw, and the citizens of Hong Kong amped up the intensity in fighting to keep the liberties that they were granted long ago.

On July 2, foreign secretary of the British government, Jeremy Hunt stated. “We stand behind the people of Hong Kong. In defense of the freedoms that we negotiated for them when we agreed to the handover in 1997, and we can remind everyone that we expect all countries to honor their international obligations.”

Police presence has not been able to suppress the ever-growing number of protestors, so Beijing is now threatening using military intervention. The Chinese government has used deadly force to stop protesting in the past. In 1989, the Chinese Army killed approximately 3,000 protestors.

It has now been confirmed that the Chinese Army is gathering outside Hong Kong in preparation to invade. Military vehicles were spotted lining up just 15 miles from the Hong Kong border.

There have been comments made by political leaders that seem to suggest they are not against using this type of force again. This has caused fear and outrage that the protestors might face death at the hands of the government any day.

President Trump has seemingly been put into a tricky situation on how to deal with this continually complicating scenario. It appears he is trying to master the art of staying firm by demanding free trade with China. While also having enough openness to try and create a dialogue about the protests.

It has been reported that President Donald Trump has not accepted the request for aid for the pro-democracy protestors. The reason being speculated is that Trump does not want to damage his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping while in the midst of trade negotiations.

The protestors in Hong Kong are using the American flag and anthem as a symbol of freedom at this historic turning point. The people are belting out the “Star-Spangled Banner” and are idolizing the democracy the United States grants its citizens. Chinese citizens are not waving their own country’s flag, which is a symbol of communistic oppression. They are waving the American flag, which represents the pinnacle of freedom.

The United States currently has to deal with its own intense protests. Just recently, a violent protest ignited in Portland Oregon led by Antifa and right-wing Proud Boys. At least 13 arrests followed this protest, and several weapons were seized.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw pointed out that the protest in America was designed to spark violence, while that in Hong Kong was fighting against violence.

“In Hong Kong, antifascists wave American flags, demand freedom and actually fight fascists,” Crenshaw wrote. “In Portland, ‘antifascists’ burn American flags, demand violence in the name of socialism. Portland is a sad showing of where we are today. All around.”

Americans have been watching elite celebrities and athletes desecrate our flag and protest the values our country was built. On the other side of the world, we see these Chinese citizens desperate for the freedoms most Americans take for granted.

We have U.S. members in congress and senators who are actively working towards making America into a socialistic society. In China, we see the people adamantly battling to be released from the communistic death hold their government possesses.

The contrast is staggering.

The people of China continue to bravely stand for freedom even though the threats of their government. The number of protestors continues to grow, and the Chinese government has made it clear that they will continue to fight to stop this. While it is unclear at this point, what exactly will happen, the government’s threats and military action are only growing.

China is serving as an example to the American people. With the trend of socialism being hailed as the progressive government structure that should be embraced, the Hong Kong protestors show us the reality of such. Socialism leads to communism. Communism leads to ultimate destruction and death.

Will freedom prevail for the Chinese people, or will China’s communistic stronghold win out?

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