Mom Gets Shock Of Her Life, Police &…

Jameka Wilcots was shocked to see police officers outside of her home when she arrived home, but it was not what she expected.

Two police officers from North Carolina are being recognized as neighborhood heroes after being caught on video playing basketball with two boys, Jeremy and Jeremyah, Wilcots two young sons.

The two officers had actually just finished a traffic stop nearby when they noticed the two boys playing. That’s when they asked if they could join the two young men.

Wilcots filmed the interaction saying explaining the situation saying,

“Well I thought something was going on here at the house but it wasn’t, they’re out here playing basketball in front of my house!”

The video has been viewed well over 14,000 times on Facebook.

“It’s crazy, people keep slowing down, I guess they’re surprised to see the police playing with some children…I was surprised too!” Wilcots exclaims on video.

Wilcots told Yahoo that she wanted to thank the officers saying,

“I again would like to take the time to thank [the officers] for taking the time out on a very hot day to shoot hoops with my boys.”

“Our community needs more of this with our youth… This was a great and positive thing for our community,” she continued. “A very great uplift!” She continued.

HPPD out here playing ball with my boys!!!

Posted by Jameka ImmaQueen Wilcots on Sunday, 21 July 2019

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