No Freeloaders: Amazon will Fire “Climate Change Activists”

In some circles the phrase ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ is well known and understood, but it seems for a few outspoken workers of tech-giant Amazon this wisom has gone unheard or unheeded. In truly antagonistic fashion, a group of Amazon employees banded together to create a group called Amazon Employees for Climate Justice in which members publically complain about practices by the company which they deem to be harmful to the environment.

As any company would be, Amazon was not too pleased to have a large group of in-house complaints and organized dissension within its company and they sent messages to various members of the so-called AECJ. Amazon threatened termination or suspension of their work if they continued to publically discuss their business with the company.

This move comes as no surprise as large companies like Amazon cannot afford to hold onto dead weight such as these employees which believe their position with Amazon is less an opportunity to work for a great company and moreso an opportunity to soap box about issues that they personally find important.


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