Police Bring Christmas Parade to Young Boy Whose Mother Was Killed

In the town of Leominster, Massachusetts a young boy will be celebrating Christmas in a very different way from most children his age. In November, 4-year-old Jaiden’s mother was murdered; thankfully the killer was apprehended by local authorities, but the young boy lost his mother.

Police that were familiar with what happened to the little boy decided to plan a Christmas surprise for the child to help make sure his Christmas could have some sense of normalcy this year. After talking with him and finding out Jaiden was a fan of the cars and hats that police officers used, Officer Dan Cantois decided to organize a special event for the young boy.

Officers arrived with more than 20 police cruisers in parade style fashion to meet Jaiden and shower him with gifts. The boy was extremely happy as can be seen in the photos of his smiling face.

Jaiden with the Brave Police Officers that brought him presents

Not everyone is fortunate enough to spend Christmas time with the people they love the most, but hopefully we will see more and more stories like this of Americans coming together to bring Christmas cheer and the Christmas spirit to one another.


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