Trump Hits Back at Democrats Hoping for Economic Failure: “I Always Find a Way to Win.”

Actually gleaming at the prospect that there will be an economic recession seems like a logical fallacy. However, that is precisely what Democrats are hoping will happen.

Many of those on the left are crossing their fingers that the economy plunges so that it damages President Trump’s chances of being reelected in 2020. The mainstream media is out in full force, stirring up strife with the prospect of economic destress being an almost inevitable possibility.

President Trump is no stranger to media bias and called out those hoping for our countries economic downfall. Trump told reporters, “I think the word “recession” is a word that’s inappropriate because it’s just a word that the — certain people — I’m going to be kind — certain people, and the media, are trying to build up because they’d love to see a recession. We’re very far from a recession.”

Since Trump got elected, the economy has accomplished victories most experts deemed impossible. GDP is steadily increasing at a three percent-plus rate, which is remarkable in itself. The unemployment rate is set to hit a 50-year low.

Business owners’ confidence is soaring, and corporate profits are near reaching record highs. Investments in business are increasingly rising, consumer spending is skyrocketing, and innovative technology is only getting better all under the Trump administration.

At the end of June, the number of job openings outranked the number of Americans unemployed. There were a reported 6.7 million job openings while unemployed Americans were projected at 6.6 million, which is historically remarkable. Our country had not seen unemployment this low since 50 years ago in 1969. The U.S. labor market has seen 6.3 million jobs added so far since the 2016 election.

The left would theoretically love it if Caucasians were the only ones benefiting yet that is the farthest thing from the case. Unemployment rates have hit record lows for Hispanics, African Americans, military veterans, and people who have disabilities.

. All Americans are benefitting under the leadership and guidance of President Trump.

By reducing taxes, cutting regulations, and increasing spending on the military and infrastructure, President Trump has been able to create a prosperous economy that has continued throughout his entire presidency.

The White House was able to achieve a substantial 1.5 trillion reform deal that reduced the extremely high corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent. Through this, the Trump administration has decreased rates for millions of taxpayers countrywide.

While Nancy Pelosi was commenting on how the tax cuts were but for crumbs, the American people have gained more confidence to make smart economic decisions due to these “measly” tax cuts. It might not be a big deal to elite politicians who get rich while “serving” the public, but the everyday people greatly benefit from the average tax cut of around $1,050

Deregulation has also been a significant platform issue that Trump has delivered. Under the Obama administration, continually increasing regulations strangled business owners, but under Trump’s first year, “significant regulatory activity” declined 74 percent.

President Trump’s tremendous economic accomplishments have been swept under the rug by the mainstream media time and time again. When was the last time you saw CNN reporting on tax cuts, record low unemployment, or policies benefitting minorities? When was the last time you saw a Democrat in office speak highly of the accomplishments that are helping the American people?

When things go well economically or in any other area, the reason being portrayed is that it is an extension of the Obama administration’s efforts. However, whenever there is a downfall, Obama’s name is conveniently not mentioned.

It seems like at this point, President Trump could cure cancer, and somehow, the left would be able to have Obama take credit for it while making Trump the bad guy.

One of President Trump’s most significant reelection tools is the booming economy. So of course, Democrats are doing all they know to do to downplay and deceive the economic truth.

There have been two economic areas where critics actually may have grounds for accurate, critical reporting. Government debt has increased under the Trump administration by almost 1.5 trillion. Time will tell if President Trump will address this and advocate for a solution to increased government spending.

Secondly, the China trade war has been garnishing speculation about the future of the economy. China has hit back at the U.S. by striking retaliatory tariffs on $75 billion in American goods. Trump responded to this by saying the U.S. would now increase already existing tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods to 30 percent from what was 25 percent. He went further to announce that there would be new tariffs implemented on another $300 billion on Chinese imports.

However, Trump is the master negotiator that he is, has seemed to calm things over with China. Just recently, China suggested it is now trying to have a “calm end to the trade war with the U.S.

President Trump told reporters, “I think we’re going to have a deal,” and “They want to make a deal. That’s a great thing.”

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been unstable since the trade war began. This has hindered both American and Chinese investors, so it appears that China is ready to do damage control and possibly agree to a balanced trade deal.

According to Sen. Lindsey Graham, “The goal is to get China to stop cheating the United States out of market share; to play by the rules that everybody else in the world plays by.” He continued, “When it comes to a trade war, we’ve got more bullets than they do, so I think the president is determined to get China to change their behavior and I’m 100 percent with him.”

Graham went on to explain that we can’t always rely on Wall Street to determine what is ultimately best for the country. Even if there were a terrible deal made with China today, the stock market would probably go up significantly. However, long term repercussions of that decision would almost for sure be very unfavorable in the future, and the long-term consequences would far outweigh the short-term benefits.

President Trump’s financial and economic track record thus far has been nothing short of incredible. Record-breaking unemployment, tax cuts, and deregulation have just been a few areas where the American people have thrived under the Trump administration’s efforts.

While the future cannot be predicted entirely, just based on past evidence, it seems fair to say that President Trump does seem always to find a way to win.

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