Donald Trump with Hard Working Americans

USA Number 1 Oil and Natural Gas Producer in WORLD Thanks to Trump, Media Is Silent

In the constantly shifting climate of the global economy, one thing remains constant: our need to consume and produce energy be it through oil, petroleum, natural gas, coal, or some other method. The United States with its vast terrain has left a lot of untapped, underutilized energy reserves; however thanks to President Trump we are now seeing the US jump ahead to a leading position in the global energy industry. In a statement that he made at a Pennsylvania rally, Trump proudly told his admirers the excellent news, “The United States is now — and I said it and I’ll say it all night long — number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world. And there’s nobody even close.”

The USA becoming a global leader in these industries is an incredible achievement, one that has been severely downplayed by the liberal media. Their bias is so powerful that these objectively wonderful statistics are left completely ignored in most cases. The positive effects of the USA being a leading energy producer can be seen every time Americans go to the pump for gas. The average price for a gallon of gas has fallen tremendously at only $2.57 nationwide. This number is projected to keep going down as President Trump continues to lead the charge in American business success.

What do you think Patriots? Should this success be celebrated or should we continue to ignore the improvements in the American economy?

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