Who’s To Blame? The Republicans, Liberals or Democrats?

One more popular talking point among critics of the right is that the Republican party is “anti-science.” From climate change to arguments about abortion and life at conception, Liberals tend to label the Conservative point of view as entirely ignorant of the facts. With a closer look at many of these issues, it appears that the truth might be the reverse.

Climate Change

This is the big one, isn’t it? Climate change denier has become synonymous with conservative in many left-wing circles. The only problem is that the mainstream conservative argument isn’t about the fact that there is some sort of change happening. Instead, where conservatives tend to disagree is on what we should do about it.

The solution proposed by most liberals is increased government control: more regulations and an eventual ban on fossil fuels. Humorously, the far left’s agenda is drawn out in The Green New Deal written by AOC. Included in the proposition is an elimination of all airplane travel and cow farts (yes, cow farts).

Behind all of these proposals and ideas of government, control is one statistic. “97% of all scientists agree on man-made climate change.” What that statistic doesn’t say is how drastically our economy would be affected if we moved away from fossil fuels.

In fact, given that it would make a drastically small difference in the world’s climate change. Moving away from fossil fuels would hurt America more than it would help. At this time, the social benefits of fossil fuels greatly outweigh the cost. Fossil fuels are cheap and plentiful, unlike other energies such as solar and wind. Removing it would significantly increase costs, not to mention it would ultimately stunt the development of third world countries in need of cheap energy.

All of this, to slow climate change by less than one percent. This is because America isn’t even close to the fossil fuel production of countries such as China who will remain unwilling to follow “green” energy protocols.

The Gender Wage Gap

Another statistic that is taken out of context is the argument that women are discriminated based on their pay. This completely disregards the original data as well as a basic understanding of biological/ psychological differences between the sexes.

In a study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it was found that women earn 77% of what men earn. This statistic takes all full-time, year-round working women compared to all full-time, year-round working men. It is not comparing a man and a woman working the same job. In fact, statements made by Obama and Hillary saying that the 77% statistic was comparing men and women working the same position was rated as false by Politifact.

There are dozens (if not more) of variables that this statistic doesn’t take into account. Position, occupation, education, hours worked per week, and many more variables can affect this number. Discrimination based on gender COULD be one of these factors, but to blindly assume so without a multi-variable analysis is patently absurd and evident of serious political bias.

An additional study by the American Association of University Women shows that the wage gap almost completely dissipates when you take into account the different choices men and women make.

The most significant psychological difference in men and women is that of interests. Men tend to be interested in things, and women tend to be more interested in people. Therefore, STEM fields are dominated by men and other areas, such as education are dominated by women.

If you leave men and women to make their own decisions, they are going to pick different careers, and those different choices will result in a difference in wages.

Gender Theory

Another big scientific debate between the two parties is gender theory. Progenitors of gender theory, which make up much of the political left, believe that men and women are not born male or female. Instead, they are whatever gender they say they are.

What this doesn’t take into account is one essential scientific truth: men and women are different. As stated in the previous section on the wage gap, they are psychologically different in terms of their interests and decision making. They also have different hormones, chromosomes, and physical bodies.

One of the most visible and most significant consequences of this leftist theory is the overwhelming number of trans athletes dominating women’s sports. The fact is that transgender women are men. More importantly, they have the same biological structure as other males, giving them a considerable advantage in any sports competition.

Because of this, transgender athletes having been winning competitions, setting new records and removing any chance of an actual woman being able to compete in sports.

A Bundle of Cells

The last, and most hotly debated of all the scientific arguments between the two parties is that of abortion. Is a fetus merely a bundle of cells, or is it a unique human life deserving of rights? It is a scientific fact that a growing fetus is a human life. From the point, the sperm meets the egg, a unique set of DNA is created that begins growing within the womb.

Some will argue that since the fetus is within the mother, she has a right to do whatever she wants with her body. It’s not the mother’s body that conservatives are concerned about, it’s the baby’s. Growing with its own unique set of DNA, it’s own beating heart at twenty days, and its own consciousness at five weeks.

Interestingly enough, almost every democratic nominee believes that abortion should be a right up until birth. To think that the developing body of a baby is not worthy of life is bad enough. To believe that a baby who has consciousness, can feel pain, and is merely days away from letting out its first cry has no more rights than a tumor. That’s truly evil.

In Conclusion

There are times when Republicans/ conservatives can get something wrong. They can deny basic facts, misinterpret scientific evidence, or just plain lie about an issue. It has happened before, and it will most likely happen again.

To say that this is a uniquely right-wing problem, however, that is very wrong. In today’s political climate, many of the most prominent scientific assertions by the left are blatantly false, and it is quite easy to prove so.

As we look at gender theory, abortion, climate change, and the gender wage gap, one thing is becoming increasingly evident. The left cares more about feeling then it does about scientific facts.

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