20 year-old Homeless Man turns his life around with help of 8th-Grade Teacher

Imagine 20 years old Amonte Green homeless, jobless, and without a family. Including being a high school, dropout made his life extremely challenging.

However, that didn’t stop Green, determined to persevere one name came to mind, Kate Demory. His 8th-grade pre-algebra teacher who had left a great impression on him growing up.

“She was very helpful, a very nice person, a person you could go to no matter what,” Green said.

Green went to Glenridge Middle School in Orlando, Florida where he met Demory as his teacher for the 2014-2015 school year. Demory said that after he left her class, Green’s mother passed away. From there, everything from the past year took a toll on him, and his circumstances took a downward turn.

Demory described Green as a very polite young man. One to never be disrespectful or rude and that he was always looking to help others. Although sometimes he did not do his schoolwork, it was not because he didn’t want to, but because he didn’t understand it. So Demory would always find time to work one-on-one with him.

Due to Green being registered late into kindergarten, not to mention being held back in 7th grade, he had to celebrate his 16th birthday in Demory’s 8th-grade class. At the time, he expressed to Demory that he never had a birthday cake before. That hit hard in Demory’s heart, so she and her class made him a red velvet birthday cake.

Green would make it a point to keep in touch with Demory texting her every Mother’s Day, Demory said.

Green dropped out of high school his junior year to pursue to work full-time at fast-food restaurants. He either walked or biked to work, and lived in various group homes for shelter. Things got even more challenging for Green when he found himself in a verbal argument with another group home resident. The argument escalated turning physical, and Green was arrested and spent 33 days in jail.

During his time behind bars, Green was lonely and had no one else to talk to, so he called Demory regularly. They both brainstormed ideas of what he could do once he was released. Green once released from jail on June 24, called Demory and her husband, Craig Russell. Demory and her husband picked up Green from the jail and helped proceeded to help him in any way.
They retrieved his belongings from his group home and put him up in a hotel for the night considering their house was quite full with their five children. The next morning, Demory went to pick up Green but found him on the sidewalk with his head in his hands, crying. Comforting him, she put her arms around him held him tight and said: “everything will be OK.” She added, “one hour at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time, and before we know it, you’ll be back on your feet.”

The charges against Green from the fight were dropped. Green swears to never have another run-in with the law again and is appreciative to have a second chance.”It could’ve mess up the rest of my life,” he continued, “It’s not even in my book to go back to jail.”

Determined to help Green Demory washed his clothes and checked him into the Salvation Army shelter in downtown Orlando. Russell rented a place for Green at an extended stay hotel; however, when the hotel found out Green wasn’t 21 years old; he was asked to leave. Green now resigns with Demory and her family.

“Amonte, he’s a kid who should not have had to do the things he had to do at his age,” Russell stated. Adding, “He’s a charming kid. That’s whats got him by. He’s able to build relationships.”

On June 30, Demory started a GoFundMe campaign. The money will go towards Green’s housing, his high school completion program, a bus pass, and a cell phone.
One person gave $500 to the cause and even offered Green a landscaping job. He took the job offer and said he loves his new job and that everyone that he works with is terrific.

On August 1, Green will be moving into his very own place, all the hard work has paid off, and he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

“Miss. Demory has always been a mom to me.” Stated Green. Green also said he’s thankful to have found a family within Demory and Russell.

Green also plans to kick-start an initiative where he helps others rise above their situations.”It would be called the Youth Society.” Green also added, “A program to help youth who have been through what I have so they don’t feel lonely, lost or by themselves, a family-oriented group.”

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