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NY School Bans Christian Club – Allows Gay Student Clubs Instead

A 14 year-old highschool girl in New York is being denied the right to form a club at her school due to the club being “religious” in nature. The same school allows clubs such as a “gay-straight alliance” to promote the normalization of homosexuality.
Daniela Barca has been repeatedly requesting the formation of the club to no avail; all her requests are denied.

“I am a Christian. But sometimes it seems like I’m the only one. I want to start this club for other students like me so we can support each other in our beliefs. The school district celebrates diversity and the right to express who you are. All I want is to be allowed to express who I am. Everyone deserves as much.”
-Daniela Barca

Ketchum Highschool (Google Maps)

Barca’s Lawyer, Keisha Russel of First Liberty Institute, accused school officials of purposeful and intentional discrimination against Daniela.
The first time she applied to start the club, the school claimed they lost her application.
Barca and her father spoke to the assistance principal, who said the Christian club must modify itself to be more “generic” and open to more than just the Christian faith.
Additionally, Barca and her father spoke with several district officials about the school’s violation of the Equal Access Act, but they were again ignored and denied.

We wonder what Alexandria Ocasio Cortez thinks about all of this action in New York’s school system…

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